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1/7/09 1:28:10PM
Rumor of Chuck Liddell vs. Anderson Silva at UFC 100:

"It's possible. If Chuck can win in his next fight, then we could see that fight. Liddell has been open to fighting Anderson, so maybe that can be a fight we can make. "

Future of Wanderlei Silva after KO Loss:

"He still wants to fight. He is a fighter that I respected since I saw him over in Pride. As long as he wants to fight, we will continue to use him. He is a great fighter and that's why he is in the UFC.

Responds to Cro Cop talk about wanting to return to the UFC:

"We will welcome him with open arms. He is a guy that I respect, and when he left, there was really no bad blood. He needed to clear some things up, so if he wants to come back, he is welcome."

When Lesnar vs. Mir may take place:

"We don't know yet. Mir took little damage in his fight with Nog, and Lesnar wants to fight him soon, so April may be the time and place for that. It will be good."

1/7/09 2:05:22PM
hmmmm wow if cro cop learns to fight in a cage id love to see him i dont think hes done at all. as far as the post topic tho i was expecting a lot of stars
1/7/09 11:39:17PM
Good that Mirko is welcome back. Theres at least one fight I'd like to see him in before he retires.
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