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1/14/08 1:45:56PM
We are more or less a NW fight scene team. We can discuss the FCFF, Sportfight, Elite Warrior Championships or other local leagues and camps. As of now there are only two people on the team and we both train out of Team OJJ's gym, but other local gyms are welcome. Of course OJJ and OMA members,SBGI, Impact JJ, Braveheart, Quest of even up north at Extreme Couture in the 'Couve are more than welcome to join. If there are inquiries from other gyms, we can probably change the name so no big deal. Send me a pm or respond if you want an add.

p.s. as you can see, our scores aren't great but we are about bullshitting about picks and events and if we get the picks right, great, we can move up in the rankings. This is mostly for fun and to maybe clown around with the other gyms.
1/15/08 6:22:23PM
With puppetmaster837 on board we are now at three. Support the locals and get on board.
1/21/08 1:49:12PM
NW Ninja makes 4. Anyone else??
1/21/08 8:18:05PM
NorthWest Fight scene is best....

360 represents ATT-west & Victory Athletics
1/22/08 1:27:15PM
Where in Wa?
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