KJ NOONS stripped of belt!

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9/19/08 11:53:26PM
I just watched the fight with him and Yves and decided to go look this guy up. Found on the elite xc site that they stripped him of his title belt. he wont fight nick diaz so they took his belt away. i've always liked nick but not his brother.
And seeing as how the diaz brothers were givin Noons team the bird tonight inside the ring (old fight i know), thats pretty classless.
noons still needed to man up.
9/21/08 2:40:58PM
Noons is a baby, if you don't want to defend against top contenders, what kind of champ are you?
9/22/08 9:23:33AM

I hope they add insult to injury by not letting him fight for as long as they can.

A Champ should take on all comers. Did Franklin refuse to fight Quarry? Did Silva refuse to fight Cote? Did GSP refuse to fight Serra?

An example should be made of Noons.
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