KJ Noons not fighting Josh Thomson at next StrikeForce

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2/14/09 3:20:37PM
KJ Noons vs. Josh Thomson is off

Noons wants to focus on his boxing career. However, Thomson will still be on the card. Opponent TBD
2/14/09 3:22:13PM
That sucks, that would have been a great fight.

Hopefully they find a suitable replacement for Noons.
2/14/09 3:22:54PM
if i wasn't already done with KJ Noons, i am now
2/14/09 3:24:26PM
Yeah, i really should have seen this coming. lol
2/14/09 3:24:59PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

if i wasn't already done with KJ Noons, i am now

my thoughts exactly
2/14/09 3:33:04PM
all I have to say about KJ is:

2/14/09 3:35:03PM
duck duck goose
2/14/09 3:50:33PM
KJ fights cans in boxing too. What a shame.
2/14/09 4:31:10PM
The fact that KJ was champ in a company is hidious(sp?), he's a joke to MMA, he ducks any fight that poses a threat to him(or at least it seems that way to me).
2/14/09 5:00:40PM
He's 8-1 as a boxer, andhiswins were over chumps--hs loss came to 37 year old journeyman Daniel Stanisavljevic who sports an 8-15 record. He's never going to be anything more than a journeyman boxer as well, when he seems to have legit skills as an MMA fighter.

Only top boxers get decent money. At least in MMA, even mid-level fighters can make a decent buck. If that's what he wants to do, more power to him but someone should clue him in that he has more potential to be a good MMA fighter, than he has to be a good boxer--and he's certainly going to make more money in MMA than he is as a boxer on the undercard.
2/14/09 5:05:07PM
He is constantly ducking guys. And its a good thing he got out of this fight because Josh would dominate him.
2/14/09 5:23:17PM
I like Noons. I think he is a really good fighter.
He has too much drama though.
I wish he would decide what he wants to do.
Make up your mind KJ.
If he dedicated himself to MMA he could go somewhere.
I want to see him fight 4 or 5 times a year.
2/14/09 5:35:57PM
Thomson would have DESTROYED him anyway.

Would have liked to see it, though.
2/14/09 6:32:07PM
Yeah because fighting for titles in MMA is no way near as lucrative as boxing on an undercard.......................................
2/15/09 12:25:23AM

oh wait Im not suprised.
2/15/09 3:36:19AM
KJ ducking again ? Why is nobody surprised.....

Quack, quack, quaaa................Zzzzzzzz
2/15/09 11:46:51AM
Seems like guys are being pretty hard on dude. He has two careers and considering how long EliteXC has been in limbo it made sense for him to dedicate himself to the career that would allow him to actually fight. Then the Strikeforce deal came along rather suddenly and to have to switch gears quickly to go back to MMA would be dangerous, especially against Thompson.

I would like to see him back in MMA but hopefully he'll do it when he's legitimately ready to come back.

I honestly don't get the hate. I guess some people just hate when others don't do what they'd like. ? Wierd.
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