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2/22/08 8:29:41PM

Just confirmed ATT's Yves Edwards will be fighting EliteXC 160# Champion KJ Noons April 26th in Hawaii for the title!
2/22/08 9:44:52PM
Noons did pick Diaz apart in that fight, but Yves is a way more technical striker than noons. It might come down too Thug Jitsu's ground game

Yves Rnd 4 TKO/KO
2/22/08 9:57:09PM
Yves is on a level above Noons. Yves striking is solid. And his ground game is far better than Noons'. This will be an awesome fight.
2/23/08 4:15:38AM
Yves seems to be really dedicated just recently, like he's found a new lease of life since joining ATT or something. I really fancy him to be EliteXC's new title holder.

He'll have too much for Noons imo
2/23/08 4:30:39AM
I also think Edwards will pick apart KJ. With that said, I think Diaz picks apart Yves.
2/23/08 4:47:27AM

Posted by roman

I think Diaz picks apart Yves.

As long Diaz changes his laxidasical recent approach to his fights i agree with you.
2/23/08 9:25:49AM
In yves last fight he looked great, I think he could make this a bad night for noons.

I think one of diaz's biggest downfalls was he was basically boxing with kj noons who is a professional boxer. It was just basically diaz being over confident like he can be. I Still thinks he wins that rematch (as long as he doesnt use the same game plan)

Yves by submission round 2
2/23/08 12:19:21PM
Edwards does have better kicks and a better ground game...but I wouldn't say Yves definitely has the far superior standup. KJ Noons is a top notch puncher. His speed and accuracy are phenomenal.
If Noons can check the low kick of Edwards, block the high kicks, avoid the clinch and takedown...he will pick apart Yves with his hands. Thats a lot of "ifs". Maybe too many.
Edwards should win the fight, but I see a lot of people underestimating Noons.
Submission win by Edwards? Or KO by Noons....depends on how well Noons has prepared for the well rounded attacks of Yves.....and it also depends on which Yves Edwards comes in the cage. The focused and in shape Yves or the out of focus "sluggish" one.
It should be an exciting fight for sure.
2/23/08 11:01:06PM
War Yves Edwards...kick the shit out of Kj Noons. i think he has the tools to win this fight hands down
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