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1/12/10 12:42:50AM
i started watchin mma about 2 years ago and about last summer was when i really got into it, started to review the ppv with my friends the next day. i just barely started to make predictions. i went 3-3 on ufc:fight night 20. good start i guess. uh...still in high school, going to graduate in the summer of 2010. i am new to this website so if you have any tips or advise, send me a message, i will greatly be thankful for it. peace
1/12/10 11:47:40AM
Welcome to the site, man. Its great for improving your knowledge of MMA and theirs some great discussions in the forums. You'll be addicted to it in no time.
1/14/10 4:24:10PM
thanks for the welcome man, i hope to be one of the top on this site.
1/14/10 6:20:19PM
A good tip for you, dont cherry pick. Make picks for all the ufc matches. Once you start doing well you can then join a solid camp and thats when you will get the most back from this great site.
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