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6/27/09 7:30:28PM
I just created my account and am looking forward to having fun with you guys (and gals). MMA is really the only sport I follow. I can't wait for UFC 100! It's on the first Saturday that I'll be 21!
6/27/09 7:34:48PM
Welcome to the playground. Don't get so drunk that you forget who won the fight the next day (has happened to me before and is a bummer).

6/27/09 7:44:38PM
welcome to the playground
6/27/09 10:35:34PM
This is a great site...tell your friends...make your picks and keep your top tens up to date
6/28/09 10:01:39AM
Welcome to the Playground. Now gimme your damn milk money!
6/28/09 10:26:46AM
Thanks for the welcomes!
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