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5/6/07 9:49:03AM
The Ultimate Fighting Championship has officially announced the main portion of the UFC 73 event scheduled for July 7th at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif. Entitled “Stacked” the moniker couldn’t be more appropriate.

5/6/07 10:57:44AM
This must be the best UFC card in about 2 years. Im excited for Nog's debut against Herring after thier two memberable fights in pride
5/6/07 1:31:43PM
i'm really excited about this card it looks great
5/6/07 2:34:07PM
what a card... and in my own backyard... better come up with some serious cash for those tix
5/6/07 5:38:51PM
This card is definetly gonna be awesome ... 72 is gonna be dissapointing though.
5/6/07 6:23:51PM
I simply can not believe my eyes, what a card!!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope Anderson keeps his belt, which i think he will, because I am praying UFC follows through and gives Franklin a rematch in October in my back yard.(Cincy)
I think Big Nog is going to tear Herring up, I had never been so disappointed with a fighter as I was when Herring made his UFC debut, and mostly by his comments following the fight.
I really respect Sherk and think he is a great champ, but Hermes is going to be a tough match up i think. This will be one i won't be able to make a real pick, i could see it going both ways very easily.

Besides the upcoming Pride Grand Prix this is definitly shaping up to be the strongest card of the year.
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