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3/20/10 11:55:48AM
Luiz Alves, the long-time trainer of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, died Friday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Considered alongside Rudimar Fedrigo as the two most important representatives of muay Thai in Brazil, Alves suffered a stroke on Jan. 26. Doctors induced a coma to control the pressure on his brain. On Friday the pressure increased, leading to a hemorrhage that caused his death.

Nogueira had considered Alves his good luck charm. The trainer accompanied “Minotauro” to all of his fights since 2001, except for Nogueira’s two stoppage losses to Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez. Alves’ daughter was getting married the day of the Mir bout, and he had already suffered the stroke by the time Nogueira fought Velasquez.

3/20/10 11:57:38AM
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Posted by Jackelope


3/20/10 12:56:43PM
Damn, I feel for Nogueira, this must be a huge loss for him.
3/20/10 1:41:04PM
Its always very hard for a figher to lose their long time trainer. ALA Tyson losing Cus D'amato. It can be very hard on a fighters spirit.


I feel for Nog..
3/20/10 3:12:56PM
I didn't realize doctors actually induced comas in certain circumstances, interesting.

3/20/10 5:32:37PM
my question is this..........did he train JDS at all? Big Nog is JDS' mentor, inspiration etc etc. Nog must be destroyed, and presumably on his way to Brazil for the funeral. How will Cigano deal with this loss,and (again presumably) not having Nog in his corner so close to a very important fight?

Guess we'll have to see at the weigh ins if Big Nog is present.

either way R.I.P
3/21/10 6:42:53AM
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