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5/15/08 5:53:31PM

Interim UFC heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Pictures) says he will look to bring his style of fighting to the small screen when he and fellow heavyweight Frank Mir (Pictures) become coaches on the eighth season of Spike TV's "The Ultimate Fighter," airing this fall.

Makes me want to move to Florida to train at Anderson and the Nog bros. gym!
5/15/08 6:30:25PM
2 good potentially good coaches but i hate seeing a title delayed for so long
5/15/08 6:36:49PM
The contestants on this tuf have two great jj coaches. but i hate seeing his title being held up for that long as well.
5/15/08 6:40:39PM

Posted by aaa9erh8er

2 good potentially good coaches but i hate seeing a title delayed for so long

Yeah it does suck.But not too bad seeing its the HW title and having some time to bring in some new faces or have some more fights to see who could be in-line for contention really isnt a bad thing.Im just wondering if Sylvia would beat Fedor that what would Randy do??? He pretty much tried to walk away to get a big payday and fight Fedor.But if Tim would beat him it really wouldnt make any sense for Randy to fight him.See Randy if you wouldve stuck around it couldve of been Randy and Nog as coaches...Not taking anything away from Mir i think Mir will be an excellent coach and this cast should gain some good ground skills.If Nog has Anderson than those guys will get nice striking skills as well,not sure who Mir would bring to teach Striking...Someone needs to get Bas to come in..that would be great.
5/15/08 7:14:46PM
i understand the whole mir thing far as marketing goes, but still beating lesner doesnt give you a title shot. vera or werdum should get the next shot or bring AA back . i guess ill just have to bite my tongue for the next 8 to ten months. The heavy weight division is now in a funky limbo, I'm mean no doubt they both will be good coaches but really not looking forward to this, and they should be coaching all heavyweights for a division that needs some fresh new talent. and i apologize for being a broken record on this whole heavyweight fiasco i was just hoping it wasnt true by some chance. BIG NOG still champ after this fight second round knockout they'll cancel each other out on the ground
5/15/08 10:06:18PM
I dont like these two as coaches I think they should have GSP and who evers next to challange him............Maybe Karo
5/15/08 10:50:21PM
this is the 1 divsion that needs the time off 2 sort its self out ... plus mir vs nogeria would be a good fight nogeria takes it but a good fite and people love mir and his story i cant wait i just dont like that there going back 2 the 2 weight class's at a time i like it more now
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