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9/26/07 4:51:40PM
That's one of the latest rumors for UFC 79 on 12/29.


Perfect timing if you ask me, Nog is coming off a solid debut victory and Kongo just got his biggest win against CC. Put them both in the Octagon, winner gets the next shot at the HW Title.
9/26/07 4:55:06PM
I like NOG always have and always will but his last fight was not that impressive. I'm goin with Kongo Via KO 2nd or 3rd Rnd
9/26/07 4:56:12PM
this card is looking GOOOOOOD if all the rumors are true. nog should win this, but who even knows anymore
9/26/07 4:58:07PM
Yeah, this is a real test for Kongo. His ground game is completely suspect and Big Nog didn't look great v. Heath Herring, not bad, but not great.
9/26/07 4:59:51PM
Yeah I would have Nog by second round sub.
9/26/07 5:30:48PM
nooooooooooooooooooooo. i would rather see AA vs nog /kongo but nog vs kongo isnt bad plus y not throw frank mir in the mix
9/26/07 5:53:46PM
i heard mir was fighting nog?
9/26/07 6:21:07PM

thats what i heard.
Why not have mirx aa and nog x kongo, have the winners meet for a title shot. Couture can fight fedor or barnett ( i know, i know). Who is randy going to fight next? I'm hoping they dont keep him from fighting until a true #1 contender is established.
9/26/07 6:38:27PM
big nog by submission round 1

kongo's ground game is pretty bad
9/26/07 6:46:31PM

Posted by loonytnt

i heard mir was fighting nog?

Nope. No definite opponent for Mir although the article I linked to indicated Kongo may have been the opponent. That Mir-Nog fight was rumored but never really talked about seriously.
9/26/07 7:03:14PM
I agree this should be a good grappler vs striker fight and would love to see it.
9/26/07 7:22:09PM
BAD match up for Kongo.

Nog= Rock solid chin, Grade A submissions, good boxing.

Kongo= Good striker, tall with LONG limbs (perfect for barring) and BIG time suspect ground game.

This year has been absolutely crazy, but my God how could anyone bet against Big Nog in this one? Unless Kongo all the sudden switches to extreme couture
9/26/07 8:16:25PM
If you look at a couple of the upsets, you have fighters who are not well rounded

Liddel - great sprawl, great strikes.. but what does he do with someone who is outstriking him?

Crocop - KO power in both hands and feet, decent defensive guard.. what does he do with someone like gonzaga and his GnP?

In the case of Nog vs Kongo, you have a well rounded fighter against a kickboxer. To say that kongo's ground game is suspect is an understatement, I personally cant think of a fighter in the ufc with a worse ground game. If Nog wants this to go to the ground, then its going to the ground. If Nog wants a submission, Kongo isnt gonna stop him.

9/26/07 8:58:58PM
Kongo is on a good roll, but if the rumer is true, that roll is so to be over IMO, this is a bad match up for Kongo right now.
9/26/07 11:09:01PM
I heard the Nog vs Mir rumor too....didn't think it made sense for Mir. Nog should take out Kongo in the 1st round about 10-20 seconds after the take down!!
9/27/07 11:43:45AM
Nogueira by 1st-round torn cartilage. If this is even close, I'll be disappointed.

9/28/07 9:16:05AM
what i say to this is if cro cop can full mount kongo, and had the chance to pull of a triangle choke a couple of times, i bet nog can do some real damage of the ground, and his triangles are second to none......having said that, kongo should be training on his ground game alot, and stepping closer to becoming a complete fighter, i dont know if its enough time to shut down nogs ground game or at least not get subbed
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