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6/6/12 10:22:53PM
6/6/12 10:33:07PM
absolutely hilarious
6/6/12 11:02:33PM
Really UFC brass? You have Anderson Silva, the living combination of Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, and James Brown on your roster and Nog is the guy you send to dance competitions. Really? Frankenstein is smoother than this dude. Really? Big Nog? Dancing? REALLY?

That being said love the move where he tries to pump up the crowd I could see Nog being the dude raging on the dance floor just hurting people by accident lol
6/6/12 11:23:44PM
i think i pissed a little bit
6/6/12 11:31:13PM
I was surprised he could lift such a thick women after that break.
6/7/12 12:13:40AM
Anybody else just puke in their mouth?
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6/7/12 8:28:45AM
I had no idea he would look so devastatingly sexy in a shiny pink and blue PVC faux-suit.
6/7/12 10:49:48AM
I found a close-up...

Is Brazil stuck in the '80's in terms of fashion or what?
6/7/12 11:48:49AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Anybody else just puke in their mouth?

If by puke you mean jizz and if by mouth you mean pants, then yes. Yes I did.
6/7/12 11:51:06AM
I hate Nogueira.

Chuck Liddell ftw!!!
6/7/12 4:35:06PM
stick to mma and jj bro
6/8/12 9:45:49PM
Wow, that was.....impressive?
6/9/12 2:18:51AM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

I hate Nogueira.

I think that is the first time I have ever seen those three words in a row. You might be some kind of heretic.

I swear, I thought this was a long joke but then there was no rear-naked choke at the end.
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