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11/4/09 1:46:20PM
“We don’t know how it’s gonna be, fight is fight, we have to be trained for everything, as on the ground, boxing and muay thai... It’s gonna be good“, said Nogueira, who already defeated athletes like Dan Henderson, Alistair Overeem and Kazushi Sakuraba. “Cane is not naive, he won’t make a predictable game“, bets, ready to debut on November 21.

Another great name in the 205 pounds division, “Minotouro” is another Brazilian athlete among the best. “This category is very good, there are a lot of Brazilians, and now there’s one more. I’ll try to make a good presentation and show my value on this division“, Rogério said,

11/4/09 3:01:31PM
cant wait for this one.
11/4/09 3:40:45PM
Either way there will be a new deserving contender after this fight. I expect a war.
11/4/09 3:42:07PM
Ive been going back and forth a lot on this one. Especially cause we havent gotten to see much of Cane's ground game. Probly a Nogueira submission or a decision. But to who?
11/4/09 3:53:33PM
i hear you sam, i have no idea who to pick here. this is as hard of a fight to pick as i can remember.
11/4/09 5:35:38PM
Nog has proved himself against some of the toughest fighters out there, his skills are tested and proven- Ground, Clinch, Striking everything

Cane is undefeated, besides one DQ, who has viscous Power in his striking and has ended every fight by strikes but one and that was his last performance where he won a Unam. Dec. over Cantwell

Cane has the power to KO lil nog, (if Soko could then cane can) but Nogs only KO loss was to Soko which shocked the world. But, at that time, people thought Soko's strength was his judo, as his record was 1loss by KO, 1 win by TKO, and 1 win by Split Dec. Nog had no idea (actually no one had any idea) that Soko was capable of that.

Nog knows cane is capable of the KO and i think he will be prepared for it.

Based on this info i give the edge to Nog on the fact that i dont think cane can win a dec. over nog. Cane might have the edge striking but his Ground game is unkown, and the nogs have the best sub game in MMA and have great striking to go with it.

11/4/09 5:53:04PM
this fight really helps a card that was in danger of becoming a bust, glad its official, that being said, i have no idea who I am going for and this time, its because both fighters are great, equally great?
11/4/09 5:54:48PM
I'm not picking against Cane, when I do I ALWAYS get burned.
11/4/09 6:09:32PM
Good ******* fight IMO.

War Lil Nog.

11/4/09 6:16:37PM

Posted by higdon10

I'm not picking against Cane, when I do I ALWAYS get burned.

I don't know if picking against Lil Nog is a better strategy.
11/4/09 8:42:22PM
I got Lil Nog all day....easy. Yeah it'll be a good fight with it's tense moments, but I think that Nog is a much better fighter in almost every way. My question is this....will he be willing to fight Lyoto if he earns a title shot?
11/4/09 9:07:35PM
Lil Nog doesn't have better strikin than Cane..his strikin against Matyushenko was very sloppy..and Cane is gonna KO Lil Nog...
11/5/09 12:14:40PM
It's such a hard fight for me to pick, it's been challenging through and through, but I'm settling on Cane for his one, he has the power to end him, and i really think he has the skill to take him the distance and beat him, I can't wait for this fight, should be an instant classic.
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