9/3/08 1:18:09AM
“We have two heavyweights on the phone. We have scheduled a mega-fight between these two on Saturday, Nov. 15 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena here in Las Vegas. It will be Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture, the heavyweight champion of the UFC, versus Brock Lesnar.”

Those were the words from Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White on Tuesday as he announced the return of the promotion’s embattled champion to the Octagon.

He also confirmed that the fight would be a five-round title bout, leaving many to wonder what is to become of the planned interim title bout between The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 coaches Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, who currently holds the interim designation, and challenger Frank Mir.

People didn’t have to wonder long.

9/3/08 4:22:19AM
Minotauro should get a shot at Handy right afterwards, unless Lesnar ***** it all up
9/3/08 7:48:00AM
What a mess! Two heavyweight title fights? Come on. Nog should be champion and Randys fight with Lesnar should be for #1 contendership.
9/3/08 8:10:24AM

Posted by whardin19

What a mess! Two heavyweight title fights? Come on. Nog should be champion and Randys fight with Lesnar should be for #1 contendership.

who cares????? listen, either way the two winners will fight and the winner of that will be the champ so whats the big deal? does it really matter who has what title going into this, not to me it doesnt because im not looking for something to whine about at my computer every time i log on.
9/3/08 8:51:45AM
the big problem with this is the very reasonable chance that lesnar will seriously f-up the hype for teh randy fedor fight...

i understand why they put lesnar in front of everyone as he is a huge draw but man that is messed up that guys like mir are fighting for interim belts and that randys first test as "champion" is not against nog. how long has it been since randy has fought. amazing that it hasnt even been a year assuming that is the case.
9/3/08 9:44:58AM
There is no problem what so ever. The winner of the COUTURE vs. LESNAR match will face the winner of the NOG vs. MIR match (which will be five 5 minute rounds) and that will determine the official UFC Heavyweight champion.
9/3/08 9:50:50AM
You people put WAAAAAAAAAY too much stock in to championship belts. It's almost as if YOU are the champion.
9/3/08 9:59:41AM
None of this really matters because when it is all said and done Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will be the UFC Heavy Weight Champion just like he is now. Randy is in some serious trouble with Brock Lesnar Looks good on him too. I hope Lesnar wins this one and proves that Randy doesnt deserve a shot at Fedor anyways.
9/3/08 11:18:14AM
i think it is good, for the heavy weight division
it is obvious the winners of those two matches will fight in may memorial day weekend in vegas
but werdum is geeting screwed, by time it comes around gonzaga might be ready to make another run at the title,
if afflication or elite xc disband i think the ufc will grab some heavyweights like barnett, i also see arlovski coming back ,
9/3/08 1:56:52PM
So the intercontinental belt is still up for grabs then right?
9/3/08 2:29:40PM
I dont understand what people cant comprehend about the 2 winners of Brock/Randy and Mir/Nog will fight for the undisputed HW belt in 2009.Just look at it like a 4 man tourney and youll understand..Also whats with people calling Brock and Randy a freakshow fight???? it isnt like Randy Vs Giant Silva or some shit..I seriously wish i can send all the peple crying about this and Nog getting screwed a box of e-tissues..i never though id see soo many cry babies on an MMA board in my life...Nog isnt getting screwed hes still the Co-Champ if you will.. and in the end he'll have his chance to come out on top and be the true champ...If you dont like what the UFC is doing..go watch EXC its free or YAMMA
9/3/08 4:33:31PM
Good idea...would be better if it were all on one night.
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