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10/16/07 5:13:15AM
if so, does it really work? i used to left weights in high school. i just started and bought nitro tech, is it really that different from whey protein?
10/16/07 12:09:32PM
I never used it but my brother did it made him fart alot lololol!!!! on the matter it does work But!!!!! only!!!!! IF YOU TRAIN LIKE A REAL BODY BUILDER YOU WILL GET THE EFFECTS YOU WANT ****** MOST TRAIN LIKE A BODY BUILDER or you can get fat man that nitro thing is good to help you get buff and make you muscles grow big fast but you can get fat if you dont train enough man when you get the muscle you want and choose to stop bulking up an get cut up use cell tech and do more reps dude i just cell tech because of my tkd and mma training and i never got tired im was able to go for many hours with my body still full of energy so that is was up
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10/16/07 6:45:37PM
All I can say is "wow".....

Never used the stuff personally. Much like with many things I've heard good and bad, but I'm sure there's plenty of people on this site who can actually give you good answers.
10/24/07 8:26:47PM
dont buy into the garbage that they tell you in the magazines about muscle tech....its ALL garbage i would consider prohormones if you wanna put on some mass

go here
and look in to it but dont waste your money on muscletech products and dont shop at vitamin shoppe or GNC because theyre just employees there who dont know what they are talking about they just wanna get you to spend as much cash as possible....try nutrishop or max muscle
10/25/07 1:24:15PM u could possibly want to know about anythng is here..... cheap ass prices to, u will be hardpressed to find better overall values
10/25/07 2:40:10PM
Nitro-tech is overpriced whey protein. I use protein powder, but I don't really have a preference. The key is not to buy the most expensive one or the cheapest!
10/29/07 9:56:01AM
I used that for a bit and I did gain weight but it was not all lean muscle. I was lifting for about an hour a day five days a week. I get better results (lean muscle/strenght gains) from just a generic whey protien I get at the grocery store.