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8/26/09 8:30:51AM
Sources close to the fighter have informed that Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts trained Nik Lentz will step in for the injured Dan Lauzon against Rafaello Oliveira at UFC 103. The event is scheduled for Sept. 19 in Dallas, TX.

8/26/09 2:49:06PM
never heard of the dude
8/26/09 8:30:37PM
Yeah, bummer.....I'm a huge Dan Lauzon fan. I just saw that he's going to be on "MMA Outloud" tonight talking about his injury and return date/opponent. If you haven't heard the show you should check it out, it's pretty funny for a MMA Show.....just google "MMA Outloud" and you should be able to find it....I found it on Itunes......

just found the link
8/26/09 8:50:09PM
Never heard of either of them, makes it a real hard fight to call.
9/4/09 7:18:44PM
Geez, Minnesota Martial Arts Academy has got a lot of guys fighting in the UFC right now.
9/4/09 8:50:33PM
Oliveria by whatever he wants.
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