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2/19/09 11:12:51PM
Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez is the latest confirmed addition to the UFC 2009 Undisputed roster. Video and still Images on


On a side note- I can't remember the last time I was so impatient for a game to get released. Hurry up already!
2/19/09 11:22:33PM
I think it would be a good idea for them to have a few expansion packs after the release. More playable fighters=more sales.
2/19/09 11:52:19PM
I wonder if Diego will come out to a mariachi band in the game..........
2/20/09 12:01:16AM
I wonder if it is just going to be fighting. like tekken or something like that. I know there was tournys and getting and defending title in tapout 2 and like something with just a bunch of opponents till you lose.

They should have a TUF thing, choose your fighter, choose the coach and you have to win TUF to get into the UFC.
2/20/09 1:51:42AM
I hope the game has an in-depth create a player mode. If not, the game will suck.
2/20/09 3:48:12AM
and super specials like Andre the Giant as unlockables....

....just kidding
2/20/09 3:48:46AM
create a player is crucial
2/20/09 9:26:21AM
they need to release a roster of fighters already some of them are not in the ufc any more i hope they have a expansion or create a fighter cause they will need it
2/20/09 9:50:45AM
This is easily my most anticipated game in years now, and it feels like I have been waiting years since the news leaked about the new game

Even if it sux I will love it cos it combines 2 of my favourite past times, MMA and Gaming

I am fairly certain it does have a player edit/create mode and I am hopeful that THQ will do a good job, their WWE games are pretty realistic sims and I hate WWE

Bring it on
2/20/09 11:31:31AM
yea i have been thinking of how they could make a story line out of it. i think there best bet would be to have your create a player rise through the ranks in tuf then once you win you can join a some what reputable camp and so on. maybe if you lose three fights you will go to affliction.
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