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10/21/07 10:13:38AM
Is anybody going to post the videos from last night or know where I can find them? I couldn't watch this one cause my friend wasn't doing it at his place and I don't have ppv.
10/21/07 10:30:49AM
yeah i wanna see the silva-franklin fight again
10/21/07 11:22:38AM
I actually found a link to see the the fights if anyone needs it.

Tim Sylvia vs Brandon Vera

Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin

The Sylvia Vera fight loads slowly. On the left side of the page you can choose from a lot of fighters to watch their videos. I don't know if everyone already knew about this site but I just found out and I like it a lot.
10/21/07 12:21:18PM
Thanks for the links.
10/21/07 12:50:17PM
No problem
10/21/07 11:48:55PM

Best site ever. It has UFC and boxing pay per views the day after they happen.
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