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1/22/09 8:16:59PM
Well, I just got back and figured id share what happened on what was by far the scariest night of my entire life, by an absolute long shot. So Cherry Knowles was closed down in 1998, and since then its basically been left to rot. Its a huge site, with a **** load of buildings and wards so we probably only saw about 20% of the place, as we where chased out by security after about 2 hours

The asylum was apparently closed down becouse of the way the staff handled the patients, but it was like, nobody complained since the place opened, then a guy was found dead in his room and it was written off as suicide, but the guys family had visited him on that day and he seemed totally happy, and was due to be released in a matter of weeks, so they got an investigation launched. Then in the following month dozens of other family's launched appeals, and the place was essentially closed down over night, with most of the staff fleeing, and the patients being shipped around the county. Everything was left in tact, I mean, we where in the chemists office and there was still unopened bottles of pills in the cupboards.

Its a truly daunting place, and every window is smashed. All of the downstairs windows and doors have sheet metal over them to to prevent idiots like ourselves busting in. So after scaling a 9 ft spiked fence and avoiding the security, we had to look around for about an half an hour before actually finding an access point. The place is so big though its impossible to figure out where you are, just gotta hope you end up in the more interesting buildings.

Anyways, im really tired so ill just leave some of the things I found more interesting for now and ill update the thread tomorrow when im more awake. Firstly was the kitchen and eating area of the first ward we entered. It was so weird seeing the tables and stacks of plates, and trays with plastic cutlery just lying around after nearly 10 years. But the most bizzare thing was the notice board. The menu of the last day was actually still written on, chicken casserole with sticky toffee pudding being the main meal of the day. Just goes to show how quick the place was evacuated and closed down. I dunno, just seeing that menu, and the tables still set out, I could almost see the patients just walking round doing their thing, not knowing when there next beating was going to come.

By far the most daunting thing we found where the staff dairies in the main office of one of the mens wards. Some of them where simple things, like a month by month record of the patients weights. Then we found a couple describing how each patient died which made me feel a little uneasy when reading. The worst thing we found was a log book the staff where keeping, which appeared to be keeping track of betting on when the more serious patients would try and commit suicide.

Anyway, im a little shaken up at the moment, but just glad to be home! I can safely say ill never be going anywhere near that place again.
1/22/09 8:20:38PM
That's ****** up man.
1/22/09 8:30:55PM
that sound creepy as sh!t dude. i probably wouldnt have the balls to go to an abandoned insane asylum
1/22/09 8:34:30PM
Yeah, once we got in the grounds we where all really scared just walking around looking at the buildings. Its hard to describe just how daunting the place is unless you've actually walked around it at night. Its such a tense atmosphere, and every time the wind blows and the sheet metal over the widows starts to wobble we where all jumping out of our skin. I totally lost my nerve before we entered the first building, but I knew id get mocked for months if I dropped out. I think all my buddies where having the exact same thoughts tbh lol.
1/22/09 10:19:51PM
I went into an abandoned Insane Asylum about 11 or so years ago when I lived in New Jersey. It was frightening and awesome at the same time. The air inside the place just felt different, it's hard to explain. It got shut down for the same reasons, it was very eerie but so much fun.
1/22/09 11:23:25PM
Thats crazy man, it sounds like you had a good time though. It actually sounds like something I would do ha ha.

What's ironic is that I just finished watching the movie "mirrors" and opened up the playground and saw this thread. If you havent seen it you should check it out, it has to do with an insane asylum (well somewhat).

Anyway thanks for the post thats very interesting.
1/23/09 3:50:36AM
Reminds me of place that me and my friends would go to back when I was a teenager. It was called the "Wayne County Training School For Feeble Minded Children", but the name was changed to "Wayne County Child Development Center" in the 60's (obviously a little more PC)...everyone just referred to it as the Northville Tunnels though. It was a completely independent community from the rest of the had its own school, firehouse, theater, gas station, bowling alley, swimming pool, etc. There are underground tunnels that connect all of the major buildings together (hence the nickname). It was built in the 20's on several hundred acres and operated until 1974, when they decided to close it down. During it's time, the center came under some scrutiny for abuse amongst other things. They actually did various drug testing on the kids there over the years as well. Sounds kinda like some urban legends, doesn't it? Here is an article from Time Magazine in 1935, that talks about a Meningitis Antitoxin that was tested there.

Additonal Links (in case anyone is into this sort of thing...i know these things are always intriguing to me anyway)
Vintage Aerial Picture of the Property - it was completely overgrown when we were going though
Map - Original Layout 1926
Historical Timeline and a few pics
Picture of the Outside of a Building
Picture of the Inside of a Building - 90's

Anyway, in the 80's and 90's, the place became somewhat of a hangout for teens to party at night time...trips there were always interesting, even if you weren't drinking though. There were times that we'd go there and we'd run into other groups of people...and other times, we'd be the only ones. Even if you didn't see anyone else, you'd still hear noises in the distance though, but the place was so big, that sometimes you'd never cross paths. I tell you what though...when you first ran into another group while walking in the underground tunnels, it would scare the crap out of ya.

One time our group was back there walking around and a couple of my buddies were getting a little freaked out...even though there were like 10 of us there. So, we come across this stair well than went down to this door that was about 6 feet underground. Someone had painted a big ol' 666 on the door. Needless to say, not everyone was willing to stick around and see what was on the other side. Instead we kept moving and ended up at a multistory building. We went upstairs to the second floor to hang out for a while. The entire wall was missing on one side of the building, so you could see out in the distance a far as the moonlight would show anyway. So, we're talking and one of my buddies starts going "shhh shhh"...and says to look down there. One of the guys with a flashlight shined it down to the ground outside the building. And there was a guy in black pants and a black jacket. He kneels down, almost as if he were gonna tie his shoe, but doesn't move...we keep the light on him for about 15 seconds, but it was like he was pretending that we couldn't see him or something. Cops were known to keep an eye on the property, so kids wouldn't go back there and get hurt or set buildings on fire...still to this day, I'm not sure whether it was a cop or not. So someone says to stop shining the light at him, to which my friends complies...a few seconds later, he shines it back over at him, but now he's gone. He starts waving the light around trying to figure out where he went. He shined it on him just in time to see him walking around the corner of the which we all said "f**k this" and hustled down the stairs and ran all the way though the woods to a safe distance and walked back to the cars. You had to park quite a distance away, so it was a decent hike.

I went there a couple of times after that, but then not again for a while. They'd been talking about tearing down the buildings for several years, but I think they felt the pressure when a teenager fell from one of the taller buildings, while partying with his friends, and died. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I worked at a fast food restaurant a couple of miles from the tunnels. There were a couple of paramedics that always came in to eat in the evening. One night they came in and the one guy is telling us about a kid that had fallen (or was pushed, as he wasn't sure at the time) from the old hospital and they had to scrape him up (his words, not mine). I think that incident did the trick, since they actually started moving forward with doing away with the buildings not too long after that. Here is a News piece that the local news did on the Tunnels that has some video footage of the buildings and tunnels and touches briefly on the kid that died as well. I went there one last time during the daytime to get a few photos, before it was too late. I'd post them, but I loaned out my scanner a while back. Anyway, they demolished everything in the late 90's and now the land is occupied by 3/4 million dollar homes and an Arnold Palmer golf coarse.

It was a better time than any haunted house out there, but it's no longer.

1/23/09 2:48:26PM
Sounds awesome man! I can't wait to read it!!
1/23/09 3:03:27PM
Sounds like a good time. There is a very infamous asylum a little while away from me, the Kings Park Psychiatric Center, which is considered by many around here to be VERY haunted. Even the areas around it have had reports of people seeing ghosts/eerie figures. I've always wanted to go, but I'm too much of a wimp. Maybe I will go one day.
1/23/09 3:22:22PM
Well, what kind of meds did you find?
1/23/09 3:58:32PM
this actually reminds me of a place around where i live that my brother and sister told me about called Jack and Jill's. i've never been there, but apparently its an old abandoned day care center that got shut down because the people there abused or killed the children or something. anyways, my brother told me when he went there that he could hear children screaming and sh!t and that all of the equipment in the playground was kind of moving by itself. he almost craped his pants
1/23/09 5:21:43PM
i was once a resident of solano county juvinile detention center. and shortly after it was closed (not for any bad reasons we just got a new one) me and some friends that also had stays there broke in just to see waht it looked like now, what a perspective is all i have to say luckily i wasnt cought but a friend was
1/23/09 7:06:25PM
Aarono - I must say, you got some balls. Who knows what would happen to you and your boys if someone caught you reading this stuff, maybe they would of thought you would of gone to the media. That could get some ppl in major crap if you took the book and made it public.

If i had a family member there, and heard this, i'd want you to speak up or show proof to the media.

Im curious how stuff like that would be around, if they closed it why not take books, anything that could get ppl arrested.... thats for sure.

Sounds like a crazy night though, good thing your alive and safe.

Im also curious why they have security there after 10 years, i guess it answers my above question.
1/23/09 8:43:44PM

Posted by RampageOwnedYou

Aarono - I must say, you got some balls. Who knows what would happen to you and your boys if someone caught you reading this stuff, maybe they would of thought you would of gone to the media. That could get some ppl in major crap if you took the book and made it public.

If i had a family member there, and heard this, i'd want you to speak up or show proof to the media.

Im curious how stuff like that would be around, if they closed it why not take books, anything that could get ppl arrested.... thats for sure.

Sounds like a crazy night though, good thing your alive and safe.

Im also curious why they have security there after 10 years, i guess it answers my above question.

Yeah bud, I was amazed this type of stuff was just lying around. I guess thats why its so secure. When it first closed down their wasnt much in to stop you entering, but now theres a 9 ft spiked fence about 1/4 mile out around the entire perimeter, security 24/7 and every single lower window and door has a sheet of metal covering it. I guess they found enough documents to prosecute what staff they could find and just left everything else. Like I say, it was litterally like an overnight process closing the place down before they where totally weighed down with legal battles, so almost everything was just left. Pretty chilling stuff. Also, with the logs we found, none of the staff where actually named, they just used letters for the staff member and a letter for the patient.

Another pretty gross thing we noticed was in the patients rooms. We dont no how true this is, but we saw it on the urban exploration websites where we get these type of places adresses ect from. So in the rooms, the walls are just bare, and theres just like patches of paint scattered on them, and apparently certain patients used to poop and smear it on the walls, and rather than clean it off the staff would just paint over it rather than actually cleaning it off. Like I say, no idea how legit this is, but we didnt notice it in quite a few rooms on one particular ward. We steered clear just incase lol.

Its pretty overwhelming how big the place is, it has like everything on site. We found a hairdressers, dentists, chemist, church and what we assumed was a theatre, and all of these places where still stocked with crap you'd expect to see if you walked into one today. The theatre where particularly creepy, as the patients where allowed to paint the walls with whatever they wanted, and while nothing stood out as being totally horrific, some of em where just plain weird. The chappel was pretty scary to, I mean id be scared of being in any church at night never mind a the random one in the middle of this place. Its really hard to describe just how scary this place is in words, I feel like im doing our trip and injustice with these stories just becouse its so hard to imagine what its like unless your their.

Anyways, on sunday night we plan on going to another asylum called St Marys about an hour away, so ill post up if we find anything interesting in there. This one wasnt closed down under any controversial circumstances or anything but from what I hear its creepy as hell, particularly the morgue. Its also meant to be one of the only asylums in the u.k which still had a padded room when it was closed down so that should be interesting.
1/23/09 9:10:47PM
Youtube has some pics of the abandoned place...

cherry knowles
1/23/09 9:25:49PM
Looks like that video might of been recorded a while ago, would of made our lives alot easier if the windows where still uncovered lol. You get a glimpse of the theatre in that video, doesnt show the paintings on the walls though. Also, the picture of the chair stuck in the window is in the chapel, it was to dark to see when we got in though and we where trying to keep the torches away from the windows to avoid the security guards lol.
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