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7/8/08 11:55:47PM
On the 19th Fight night starts at 9pm eastern, Affliction at 7pm pst, and then Dream at I believe 1am pst. I plan on recording the fight night, watching Affliction, after that watching the recorded fight night, only then to have 4 more hours of MMA to watch with Dream. Anyone else planning on pulling an MMA all nighter? Yes, Iam an MMA addict, and no, I do not believe it to be a problem.
7/9/08 12:01:24AM
You've got the right idea. We'll probably follow in suit, as I am going to record the UFC Fight Night and watch Affliction live and then I will try and watch DREAM as well. It's going to be a fun night!
7/9/08 12:05:31AM
Yes it is. Hopefully all the cards live up to what I think they will. Could be the single greatest 10 hours of MMA in history.
7/9/08 12:19:42AM
im hoping to catch dream as well, will it be on sopcast?
7/9/08 12:33:01AM

Posted by king_katool

im hoping to catch dream as well, will it be on sopcast?

Yes, and like taporsnap always mentions, if you only donate 5 dollars to you will be able to access the pro stream that is much better and it will not freeze up on you. It is worth it and I know for a fact that mma-tv will be broadcasting it.
7/9/08 4:28:03AM
The 19th will be a wonderful day. In fact I say almost better than X-mas..
7/9/08 8:25:30AM
I wish i had the option of watching affliction

Guess at least ill beable to take advantage of watching the ufc live on tv though. Does anybody know what mma tv will be showing between the ufc and affliction?
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