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7/27/08 1:19:38AM
That thing was hidious!!! I was like his razor got dull before he got to his neck. So he said screw it. I'm gonna leave it. He seriously did look like a! Is that how he got his nickname?
7/27/08 1:21:48AM
i couldnt get over how ridiculous it looked i kept IMing my friend saying how can someone have that it doesnt even look like a beard
7/27/08 1:43:41AM
The only thing I can come up with is the hockey Idea. They say the hockey guys do that cause it makes you mean due to how uncomfortable it is to have a un tamed beard. Maybe everything above his chin grows patchy and he wanted to be mean.
7/27/08 3:04:01AM
he wanted to look like a goat. But i feel bad for jake shields for having to put him arm around that hairy neck to lock in that guillotine.
7/27/08 7:29:50AM
Nick just wanted to make sure Jake's arm didn't get cold when he choked him out with it. Well maybe not but it's a theory
7/27/08 5:44:02PM
Either he is a pretty funny guy or he was just in a rush
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