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4/11/11 2:45:50PM
“Ultimate Fighter” alum and undefeated prospect Nick Ring will return to action in his native Canada at UFC 131 to face newcomer James Head in Vancouver.

4/11/11 2:54:38PM
Nice pick up! This match making is Joe Silva at his best. A lot of fans thought Ring actually lost his last fight, and Silva probably thinks the same. What better way to keep Ring busy without throwing him to the wolves then matching him up with a potential prospect?
4/11/11 3:13:48PM
Joe Silva is great at his job, I agree. I definitely thought Nick lost his last fight. He looked completely defeated and this was another case of poor judging. I think Head will come in and take it to Ring and get the decision win.
4/11/11 4:20:50PM
Head is the guy who beat gerald harris last
Good pick up.
4/11/11 4:24:28PM
I'm sure there will be a few innuendo's with Ring and Head.....Head by triangle choke--rd 2
4/11/11 5:34:54PM
Ring did lost his last fight and I hope he loses here.
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