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11/2/09 12:03:22PM
Coming out of The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 off the back of wars with Demarques Johnson and Frank Lester, things looked good for British welterweight prospect Nick Osipczak. Sporting a professional mixed martial arts record of 4-0, the young upstart knew he had to step up his training having been offered a three-fight deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Making the break from his usual London stomping ground, Osipczak decided to travel north to the Rough House in consideration of his rapport with the other TV show contestants Andre Winner and Dean Amasinger.

11/2/09 12:48:20PM
baaad matchup for him.
11/2/09 1:32:33PM
Got $1112 on this fight. I think Nick will make a statement and.... with me cheering him there live in manchester i think he will not disapoint.

Yes Matt Riddle is on Paper the better fighter but he has not been able to finish any of his professional fights and Nick has finished every one in the first round.

I think i will be walking away from manchester having won $2502
11/2/09 1:59:22PM
Osipczak was my favorite Tuf member last year. But I see Riddle's wrestling neutralizing him to a UD
11/2/09 3:59:30PM
Sorryt o break it to you but Riddle has this one and you should probably put all that money on him instead. Osipczak has fought nobodies and finished them yes but they are weak in competition. Riddle has faced tougher guys and will most likely win by decision. Ridlle takes this fight whether hes in the Sates or in England.
11/2/09 6:10:06PM
did you all watch the fight osipczak had to win to get onto the show?

yeah, matthew riddle is going to wipe the floor with him. watch matthew riddle from his progression on the show to where he is now, he has improved vastly.

just because he decisioned someone doesn't mean anything

seriously, gray maynard won 2 decisions in his last 2 fights, but put a brutal beating on both of them.
11/2/09 6:55:04PM
Of all the contestants on tuf Nick impressed me the most, he is young with huge potential. He seemed very well rounded during the show so he might be able to pull of a sub FTW.

Riddle will most likely win but I am more interested in seeing Nicks skills against someone who has a couple fights in the UFC already.
11/2/09 7:19:27PM
Nick seems like a cool guy, but hes young and still learning. Same could be said of Riddle, but im assuming Riddle probably has a huge amount of wrestling experiance. Who knows, if Riddle keeps it standing Nick might catch him, and hes got a decent guard, but for my money, Riddle takes the UD all day.
11/15/09 3:18:47PM
won 2502 and i think u will find i'm forth on the top scores board....

11/15/09 4:36:03PM

Posted by jjeans

won 2502 and i think u will find i'm forth on the top scores board....


nice job had a hunch..stuck with it (eventhough everyone tried to talk you out of it) and were 100% correct. well done sir.
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