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1/16/13 6:02:08PM
Nick Newell, an MMA fighter with only one hand, thinks that he deserves a chance to prove himself in the UFC, even if Dana White doesn't think so.

1/16/13 6:56:37PM
dana says a lot of shit. if newell continues to win like he's been doing, eventually the ufc will no longer be able to overlook him. if he is ufc caliber and they never give him a chance, that will look very bad for dana and the ufc.
1/16/13 9:00:15PM
Dana flapping his gums again.? Where is the harm in saying the truth, that if Newell earns his way to the Ufc, they'd let him in
1/16/13 9:16:31PM

"[White] wants to talk about how he wants to give people equal opportunity - to women, to gay fighters and stuff like that. Well, I'd like my equal opportunity as well."

It is true he isn't being fair

I see no harm in putting this guy through TUF or something like that but if the guy ends up being KO'd by Pettis on the left side of the head with a Headkick than it'll be all over the news. Cockfighting, man with one hand forced to fight former world cage fighting champion.

I can see the argument for both parties however here in the UK Nick would actually have a case to sue the UFC as Nick has reasonable grounds to suspect the only reason Danas treating him this way is because of his disability. That over here is disability discrimination and Dana would have to watch his words a lot more carefully.

It's an interesting story, I see Newell losing to top tier competition eventually due to his disability but he's proved a lot of people wrong so far and given that he's undefeated says he's not some 0-3 fighter with one arm... If he had 2 arms this guy would be legit...
1/16/13 9:58:53PM
Regardless of his disability the guy doesn't even deserve to be in the conversation of the UFC lightweight division. Who has he fought that could have come close to beating 3 guys in the UFC's lightweight division? I'm not trying to be mean about it at all. I think Newell is an inspiration and if he can get through some legitimate competition I'd say go for it, but he's not going to find that in the XFC.
1/16/13 10:21:17PM
A tuf slot wouldn't hurt. Ufc would know he's a lot more talented than a lot of those fighters in the house
1/16/13 11:51:31PM
If dude can kick ass he can kick ass. I don't give a fuck if he has one arm or not
1/17/13 12:52:28AM
He impressed me a lot in his last fight. I think he's more than ready for a tuf slot. Dana has said a lot of things that didn't end up being true. Hell, wasn't it the beginning of last year that he said no women will ever fight in the ufc? That didn't last very long.
1/17/13 7:32:38AM
He did try out for TUF 13 ( Tony Ferguson won I think) and was a bit of a whizz on the floor by all accounts, he went on to tap his opponent via omoplata, but was not selected for the final housemates.
1/17/13 8:59:57AM
I think Dana is just trying to avoid the whole freakshow accusations. People were both pissed off and impressed by that one legged wrestler from a year or two ago. Might be a similar situation for the UFC