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1/23/07 3:22:10PM
$50 Nick all the way...
not taking anymore bets sorry
1/23/07 4:41:56PM
love nick diaz but ill take gomi for $50
1/23/07 4:52:55PM
send the wager!
1/23/07 4:53:58PM
Sent you a wager.
1/28/07 2:00:03AM
diaz stands no chance over gomi i would bet 500 on it
1/28/07 6:17:54PM
After the next UFC when everyone has a little more money to throw around (Assuming everyone made good picks :). I will bet this fight ends in the first round vs. any kind of diaz win. I will also give you 1.25:1 on the odds.

I'll give you 2:1 if you just bet diaz over gomi, but if you want to be round specific I won't give you that much foam.
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