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5/13/08 2:37:36AM
His UFC career was welterweight his dream fight against katsuya inoue was welterweight but his win over gomi was lighweight and loss to kj noons was lightweight. now they talk about diaz fighting sakurai for the dream welterweight title?
whattttt is the deal?
5/13/08 3:57:47AM
He's both. Depends where the best offer/match-up is.
5/13/08 8:40:03AM
When he fought Gomi and Noons it was at 160lbs... That was lightweight in Pride and is a newer weightclass in EliteXC... I don't think he could make it down to 155...
5/13/08 8:47:36AM
yeah 155 is his brothers domain. i only want nick to be a welterweight.
5/13/08 10:50:46AM
Yeah, I am not sure if he has ever fought at 155, has he?

I always think of him as a welterweight.
5/13/08 11:42:17AM
Nick is a little big to make 155. EliteXC has a 160 lbs division so teammate Jake Shields could have 170 and Diaz 160. He fights at 170 unless the orgs got a 160.
5/29/08 2:45:53PM
nicks a beast he can make 155 but he shouldnt
5/29/08 9:38:45PM
It's ironic too because EliteXC made the Lightweight limit 160 just for him and then he just loss like that.

But he's still a beast and would wreck Noons in a rematch. Always has been one of my favorites to watch. I think Lightweight is a better weight class for him. He tends to be more dominant at LW where at WW he has lots of close decisions that tend to go against him. But as for the question, he goes both ways.
5/29/08 9:41:46PM
i doubt nick could make 155. 160 is as low as he can go. I would call him a welterweight. .
5/30/08 2:07:14PM
I consider him both.

I hope Noons beats Yves Edwards so Nick can get a rematch with Noons but I have a feeling that Yves will knockout Noons and Nick and Yves will fight for the EliteXC 160 lb. strap later this year.
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