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11/10/07 6:07:33PM
if you had to rank nick diaz with the top welterweights in the world would you rank him in the top 5 and if not where? let me know.
11/10/07 6:15:46PM
well...i have him as a top LW (number 1 in my eyes and in my heart lol)...but as a WW...i would say he would be in the top 7. i believe hughes, serra, gsp, karo and fitch are better at WW...diaz is a little to scrawny for WW even though he is bad ass. wouldn't be surprised if he lost to diego, or even marcus davis or jake shields so, to answer your question, i would have him in the top 7-10. the WW division just has so much talent, so it would be hard to rank him there unless he starts to fight in the class and faces the top competition.
11/10/07 7:02:12PM
he did lose to Diego.
11/10/07 7:04:54PM
nick diaz is not in my top ten in WW !!!

i have him 9th in LW so ...

11/10/07 7:16:44PM
I have Diaz at number 7 in my WW rankings (behind GSP, Serra, Hughes, Fitch, Parisyan, and Penn), but he definitely has a shot at moving up those rankings soon.

Hughes and Serra will fight in December. If Serra loses (I don't think he will), I have to move him out of my top ten. If Hughes loses, I'll move him way down (maybe to 8 or something).

Parisyan could definitely lose to Ryo Chonan, even though he's a sizeable favorite.

I'm thinking about moving Penn out of my WW rankings, and putting him at number one in my LW rankings.

Diaz is number 10 in my LW rankings, but that's probably because he can't make 155. If he could, then he'd be top 3 there too (Gomi and Penn above him, maybe Melendez).

So I could have Diaz at number 4 in my WW rankings by the end of the year. He just has to take care of business and keep winning.
11/10/07 10:36:58PM
WW id say top 10, LW #1, i wanna see BJ vs Diaz
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