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11/22/12 4:01:39PM
Nick Diaz is very excited about his return to action in 2013, and he’s looking for the biggest fight possible.

Still serving out his one-year suspension after testing positive for marijuana following his last bout in 2012, the Stockton native is eyeing his return early next year when his ban is lifted in February.

Once licensed, Diaz is gunning for the biggest fights possible, and that includes settling a long standing rivalry with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre or current top contender Johny Hendricks.

11/22/12 4:13:49PM
I have zero interest in this fight as Anderson and Hendricks are more deserving and both men can probably beat GSP while Diaz can't. Diaz needs to beat a Kampmann, Koscheck or Hendricks before he gets the shot and even then needs to probably put a couple together. The UFC is not going to take chance in putting Diaz in a title fight until he proves himself and wins one or two and doesn|t get popped for weed.
11/22/12 4:14:48PM
kampmann or ellenberger would be good fights, specifically kampmann. martin could use a big win and we all need to see if diaz cans till hang with top guys. i would have suggested hendricks but i think hendricks needs to fight GSP next.
11/22/12 5:24:21PM
The Kampmann fight makes a lot of sense to me.
11/22/12 5:25:40PM
If Georges and Anderson do end up fighting I say they match Diaz up with Johnny that to me is the real number one contender fight.
11/22/12 7:26:01PM
Diaz can't beat GSP that's all there is to it. He got outwrassled by Sherk and couldnt submit him...Granted that was a long time ago but even in his fight against Condit did he show anybody anything that makes them think he has a legitimate chance against GSP?

I'd really like to hear it
11/23/12 9:12:44AM
If he wants a main event fight. It ain't gonna be a ppv
More like a fx or fuel event
11/23/12 10:38:41AM
Hendricks said he would wait for GSP, so a fight with Diaz is out. Diaz clearly won't get GSP either...he could rematch Condit or fight Kamp as others have said.
11/23/12 10:43:00AM
He needs to rematch Diego.

That is all.
11/23/12 1:13:07PM
Sanchez, MacDonald-Penn winner, Koscheck, Pierce, Fitch-Maia winner... all options.

A fight against GSP doesn't make sense, though. And Hendricks deserves his shot by now (even though a guy who lost to Story probably won't have an answer for GSP)
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