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8/13/09 9:32:58AM
MMA veteran Nick Diaz will apparently dabble in professional boxing again. Longtime promoter, matchmaker and manager Don Chagrin today announced he has signed the 26-year-old southpaw and that Diaz has received permission from Strikeforce to compete in both sports. No date or opponent were determined for Diaz, who was recently scratched from this weekend's Strikeforce card and a title fight with Jay Hieron after skipping a mandatory drug test.

8/13/09 9:46:01AM
Dear Nick,

They still test for PED's and other illegal substances in boxing.

Annoyed Fan of MMA
8/13/09 11:17:09AM
He must be high.

8/13/09 1:35:36PM
dont be pulling a kj noons
8/13/09 2:19:03PM
he probably smoked a j or something, flipped through some channels and realized "hey! i should be a boxer!"
8/13/09 5:32:05PM
Nick has obviously thought this all through.
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