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1/29/10 9:57:53AM
Jeez...this video is painful to watch.

1/29/10 1:28:31PM
The beginning was a bit awkward but it's the same ole Nick Diaz interview. I appreciate how much more humble he's become since leaving zuffa. While some people (like me) would say Zaromskis hasnt fought anyone on his level he thinks Zaromskis is a great fighter, likes his style and praises Zaromksis opponents despite the notion that Sakurai mightve ducked him.
1/29/10 1:38:28PM
maaaaan this guy has the attention span of a mouse
1/29/10 1:44:29PM
The beginning, it's obvious he doesn't want to be interviewed, and it's obvious he's a bit socially awkward, but by the end he raises all of the points, we've all made on this board about the judging in MMA.
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