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6/3/08 8:08:52PM
Arguably one of the greatest fights. If you have not seen it, take ten minutes of your time to watch this. GREAT FIGHT!

6/3/08 8:42:29PM
I forgot just how good that fight was!
6/3/08 8:47:46PM
yeah it was a great fight. i cant belive they took the win from him
6/3/08 9:29:50PM
Very good fight. Whens the rematch.
6/3/08 9:46:38PM
no shit ive seen this fight about 30-40 times & it is prolly my fav fight ever.

every mma fan should see it

btw, it was nice seeing Diaz in the Rockstar commercial on CBS....bout time he got some endorsement love
6/3/08 9:47:18PM
Yes. Thanks for posting this and making me watch it again. Superb fight and what an amazing submission.
6/4/08 9:39:05PM
Yea, it sucks how they took away the win, i really gope there is a re-match that would be awsome.

I hope the UFC re-signes him and gives him the respect he deserves.
6/5/08 7:31:31PM
They took the win away?? I never heard about this... Why??
6/5/08 7:37:54PM

Posted by bobbydoomocculta

They took the win away?? I never heard about this... Why??


well the whole story is that Diaz tested positive for marijuana the noght of the fight and thus the athletic commission ruled that the marijuana was high enough to produce a pain tolerance and thus was deemed a performance enhancer. they then made it a NC because of the positive drug test.
6/5/08 7:45:22PM
HAHAHA... crazy... When I smoke Marijuana I go to sleep...
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