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4/4/13 2:29:12PM
Nick Diaz's future is uncertain. But as far as he's concerned, if it doesn't include another shot at GSP or a fight with Anderson Silva, he's not interested.

4/4/13 4:04:56PM
Nick Diaz is awesome.
4/4/13 4:41:53PM
4/4/13 4:48:57PM
I really don't see a GSP vs Nick Diaz rematch. Same with Anderson vs Diaz. There's quite a bit going on in the MW Division right now.
I have a feeling that the Belfort vs Rockhold winner might get the next crack at the belt unless Weidman beats Anderson and they have an immediate re-match.
4/4/13 4:53:47PM
Doesn't bother me any. Diaz's schtick is wearing thin on me and I don't think he'd beat any top ten welterweights anyways except BJ is they did that rematch.
4/4/13 6:11:31PM
Sour grapes.

He's an awesome fighter but stuff like this bugs me.

If you want GSP, beat some top guys and earn another shot. If you want Anderson, beat some MW's.

You'd probably get a fast track anyway. Doesn't mean it should be immediate.
4/4/13 7:41:30PM
I have absolutely no reservations about him taking his ball and going home.
4/5/13 12:58:29PM
I sure the UFC will get right on that .
4/5/13 2:48:22PM

Posted by telnights

I sure the UFC will get right on that .

I know, right....since he's such the company guy in all. I guess that's what makes him so "cool"
4/8/13 10:00:57AM
Stay retired "PLEASE"
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