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POLL: Who wins?
Paul Daley 19% (6)
Nick Diaz 81% (25)
4/22/09 10:53:53PM
is it just me, or does anybody else think this would definitely be the fight of the year? I think this fight needs to happen, it would be a pretty sick fight! Both like to stand and bang, but even though I believe Paul's definitely better on the feet, Diaz has mad heart and you can never count him out. He definitely has the advantage on the ground but it's not like it will ever get there unless from a knockdown.

Who do you guys got in this? I think this would definitely be fight of the year and I'm going with Paul Daley actually too win by late stoppage or decision!!!
4/22/09 11:08:25PM
That would be good fight on paper but if nick diaz starts losing the stand up war, he is a way better and could easliy ground and sub daley
4/23/09 12:29:15AM
I like this match up a lot. I think both fighters are quality though Daley does have the glaring weakness in the ground game, it should be noted that it took Shields longer than most expected it would take to sub Daley. I think Semtex has a lot of potential in MMA and if he is working diligently on the ground and take down defense I think this guy has greatness written all over him. I do agree with the poster above me in saying that it probably looks better on paper than it would go down in the cage and that if Diaz starts losing the stand up battle that it would be a fairly simple submission as Diaz's JJ is light years beyond anything that Paul could have improved to, but if Semtex can dictate where the fight is, he can knock Diaz out in my opinion.
4/23/09 12:38:25AM
FOTY? Probably not, Diaz dominates.
4/23/09 9:50:59AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

FOTY? Probably not, Diaz dominates.

Agreed. Daley is inept on the ground, and will get punished there.
4/23/09 11:59:06AM
Diaz will destroy Daley!!!!!!!
4/23/09 2:54:01PM
Diaz could get KO'd with his open handed boxing style but that would probably be Daley's only hope. I agree that Diaz could take him down and dominate before ending with a sub.
4/23/09 9:41:32PM
Since when have you ever seen Diaz take someone down and dominate them? Shields had a hard enough time with Daley and he's a WAY better wrestler then Diaz, not to mention he's just as good on the ground, he subbed Fitch who's a black belt. Diaz had a hard enough time trying to get Noons down and had some ugly TD attempts.

I love Diaz just as much as the rest of you, maybe even a little more since I've loved him even before the Shamrock fight and that's when everybody jumped on the bandwagon, I even used to be in the Diaz Fan club camp. But I think he'd have mad trouble with Daley. I think if he had a hard time getting Noons down, Daley could give him just as much problems. Not saying Daley's gonna destroy him, just think it's a way better fight then everybody is thinking. But you have to take in accout how is Diaz going to get it there?

I mean I don't know about the rest of you but the fights Diaz has is where a wrestler smuthers him on the ground to a decision or he might catch them sometimes, and when he's having slugfest on the feet. Rarely have you ever seen him though take someone down and be on top just dominating him. I mean with Shields being a better wrestler with way better top control having a little trouble taking him out more then expected, I definitely think Daley could roll him over and off him.
4/24/09 8:17:25PM
Id love to see this fight. I think Daley would win the stand up handily, but eventually Diaz would trip him to the mat and end up sinking in an RNC
4/26/09 10:33:18PM
i got diaz by dec
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