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1/5/13 9:59:32PM
Since being signed in mid 2011, Nick Diaz has been a bit of a problem child for UFC president Dana White. After being granted an immediate title shot at UFC 137, Diaz blew off the first round of press conference. That absence lost him his title fight against Georges St. Pierre. When he got a chance at the interim title at UFC 144, he blew that opportunity too with a failed post-fight drug test.

1/5/13 11:35:17PM
Don't be so butthurt Dana
1/5/13 11:44:28PM
Perhaps Nick didn't pay his electrical bill??
1/5/13 11:45:33PM
When it comes down to it Diaz is too old school for his own good. Wasted talent imo.
1/6/13 12:12:05AM
Diaz and his shit is old. Not worth the trouble sometimes
1/6/13 12:22:51AM

Posted by prophecy033

Diaz and his shit is old. Not worth the trouble sometimes


Hendricks may be the one fighting GSP after all
1/6/13 12:30:27AM
Is it possible that Nick doesnt want this fight as bad as he says he does and is sabatoging himself?
1/6/13 1:31:57AM
I think Diaz is dodging this fight. Nick is a bad ass no doubt but if anyone else in the world skipped a press conference, tested positive for marijuana right before an interim title match and is skipping press conferences a second time what would people say? Just imagine this is someone other than Diaz
1/6/13 1:53:19AM

Posted by jae_1833

When it comes down to it Diaz is too old school for his own good. Wasted talent imo.

He hasn't wasted any talent, he missed that one title fight for being a dumbass that is it. He was on a tare before re-joining the ufc. He is his own person and it rubs people the wrong either love or hate the guy....but definitely no wasted talent their.
1/6/13 1:55:25AM
oh and jae by the way i love your av !
1/6/13 3:32:22AM
Not wasting talent? Never capitalized on his ko of Lawler. Lost a victory via sub over Gomi for pot, lost to a nearly fleeing Condit via piss poor game planning. Pissed away one, possibly two title fights by not doing his secondary duties of an athlete....what more evidence is needed? The guy is talented as hell, extremely well conditioned and trained but can never capitalize on a single success because of dumb shit. I am a fan of his fights but not of him.
1/6/13 3:52:27AM
i still don't understand or like the comment about him wasting talent, missed opportunities yes...but you can't judge him for the fights he has lost, he is after all fighting for the title. I just didn't think your comment was true, that's all.
1/6/13 8:10:12AM
Diaz doesn't deserve the title shot anyways
Give it to johnny
Have Eric Silva face Ellenburger
1/6/13 9:19:42AM
Good Fighter not a good person
1/6/13 2:14:01PM
He is quickly losing me as a fan. If he pisses away a 2nd title shot I'll never root for him again. He has a reputation for being tough and taking on all comers, yet he seems terrified of fighting GSP.
1/6/13 3:00:35PM
and Dana is still giving this joke a title shot..hahahaha...
1/7/13 3:29:05AM
I bet if Dana said Every text back Diaz get's a $100 dollars, his phone would need a bigger inbox.
1/7/13 8:21:25AM
I'm a Diaz fan, But didn't think he deserved the shot either. However since GSP wanted this fight i understood it and didn't complain because the fight intrigues me still.

However, This is basically like you underperforming recently at work and failing a drug test then your boss offering you a promotion & you just ignore him ??

da fuck?
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