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5/16/12 6:51:31PM
May 16, 2012 -

I normally am not in the business of calling fighters out, but this issue hits on some personal levels and I feel that I am in a uniquely qualified position to comment on them without exhibiting bias. I also feel like I have enough of a history with medical conditions that I can call out Nick Diaz without worrying about any “you have no idea what you’re talking about” comments from him, his camp, or Cesar. I have zero doubt that many of Diaz’s fanboys will rip this article to shred, but this article was never aimed at them. They seem to be incapable of acknowledging a few truths that I am about to deliver. Before I get into my personal attachment to the situation, I will first address the situation Diaz finds himself faced with after his latest controversy.

Diaz is no stranger to controversy and MMA’s most afflicted superstar wasn’t done adding to his controversial legend. Diaz was scheduled to face Braulio Estima at the World Jiu-Jitus Expo this past Saturday in Long Beach, California. The event ran smoothly until it was time for the main event between Diaz and Estima. When it was time for the main event, the event officials, Estima, and Estima’s team discovered that Diaz was not there and wouldn’t be showing up. Fans soon realized the same and began to get upset. Robert Drysdale did the best he could to ameliorate the situation by offering to grapple with Estima in Diaz’s place, but Estima wanted no part of anyone not named Nick Diaz. Even Drysdale and his world class grappling credentials were unable to off-set the anger had for Diaz no-showing.

5/16/12 10:24:12PM
Nice article Josh. Screw the person that commented on your website. Just another fanboy ignoring the facts, and unwilling to accept the truth.
5/16/12 11:50:03PM
Great write up Josh. I've Dealt with just about every psychological issue you have brought up, so I feel I can relate as well. You hit the nail on the head with this one bro. There's a time you realize you have to man up and power through that shit and figure out how to deal. Even as a huge Diaz nuthugger, I think Nick could use a bit of that.
5/17/12 12:19:40AM
the biggest reason i have never been a diaz fan is because of these kinds of things. as a fan of the combat sports and also a competitor, IMO nick diaz IS NOT helping our sport to grow. he puts on exciting fights and all, but professionalism reaches far beyond the cage and/or mat. great article.
5/17/12 12:37:03AM
Yeah, Diaz's crap is crazy frustrating, I love watching him fight though and for that reason alone he still stays on my tops list.
5/17/12 10:09:21AM
I have the hardest time understanding how a Gracie, the family of respect and honor, allows this kid to continue to train under his name. Look I know Nick has done a ton and is a major reason that camp is where it is today but enough is enough. If you continue to make excuses for him and fail to address the issue then he will continue to be a problem. Great read Josh!
5/17/12 12:35:43PM
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5/17/12 1:45:56PM
Are people really shocked or surprised by Diaz doing this?
5/17/12 2:04:01PM
i think Nick Diaz acts like a professional boxer
5/17/12 2:36:38PM

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