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7/26/09 3:11:49PM
I think this match up would be an insane fight or it would go the same way as Anderson/Leben did.

What do you think?
7/26/09 3:15:55PM
although Diaz is a much better fighter then Leben in my opinion, I think for the most wouldnt be a whole lot different.

I think Diaz's awkward pawing punch style, which is very effective..wouldnt do much to Anderson and would actually let him go out, and be slightly more aggressive then normal...not having to worry as much about a huge haymaker KO.

I think Anderson would put him away before the 3rd.
7/26/09 3:25:48PM
Anderson would crush Diaz, imo. Especially how Diaz holds both of his hands up at times. Like Mayhem13 said, Silva wouldn't have to worry about the haymaker. I don't believe the fight would get to the third round.
7/26/09 3:49:40PM
I think Anderson would beat him, probably round two, I'd imagine by TKO. Though it'd be awesome if Nick Diaz ever beat Anderson.
7/26/09 3:53:03PM
nick is one of my fav fighter but, i think silva would win this KO sometime in the 3rd
7/26/09 6:36:27PM
that would be cool if diaz beat silva but i just dont see that happening. i mean anything is possible but odds are diaz would be knocked out second round
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