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3/26/08 8:56:36PM
what is this event coming to?

Strikeforce is doomed
3/26/08 9:04:51PM
Dam man! Thats pretty shitty i was looking forward to this fight!
3/26/08 9:15:16PM
wonder if he got busted for tokin up again....
3/26/08 9:22:52PM
WHAT! thats so crappy do you know who's filling in for him?
3/26/08 9:29:17PM
they definately realized that San Jose is really only concentrating on the le vs shamrock fight and that their cbs debut is more important

hopefully shields and diaz will both be on the card

3/26/08 10:01:43PM
This is Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!
3/26/08 10:08:34PM

Posted by roger

WHAT! thats so crappy do you know who's filling in for him?

If you read the post you would see that Fickett is filling in for him.
3/26/08 10:15:16PM
Maybe hes the known fighter that is going to fight Lytle.
3/26/08 10:21:06PM
this sucks, but man do i feel bad for those thousands of people who paid for some great fights and got screwed big time!!!!!!!!!!!
3/26/08 11:23:28PM
damnit. terrible news!

at least fickett has a fight now
3/26/08 11:27:41PM

Posted by Tein_Lung

wonder if he got busted for tokin up again....

I was thinkin the same thing.
3/27/08 12:26:15AM
Yeah this card gets worse daily it went from 5 fights that I would be happy to see even if they we’re on a ufc maincard.
went from shields and diaz fighting 2 guys I dont care for at all to the 2 guys I don’t care for at all fighting haha, Even Villsenor was fighting a more exciting fight and now he’s fighting a ufc failure, annoying.
I can see Melendez not fighting next jus’ because haha
f*****g ridiculous.
3/27/08 12:34:39AM
i want this event is getting to annoying
3/27/08 12:40:24AM
wow, I was really looking forward to watching Diaz fight but at least they found a decent fighter in Drew Fickett to take his spot. I was looking forward to the Shields-Fickett bout as well but perhaps they want to save Diaz for the CBS card.
3/27/08 1:28:32AM
This card should just be pulled.
3/27/08 1:35:12AM

damn...... i dont feel like doing math but if someone wants to play with numbers and do some statistics, tell us what percent of the last three days news posted here were about a fighter dropping out, or injured or somehow not going to his rumored(or confirmed fight), I bet is more that half of them, what's going on!!!!
3/27/08 1:51:27AM
This card has turned into an utter mess.
3/27/08 2:12:16AM
3/27/08 5:49:49AM
Whats everyone complaining about? i mean come on Mike MAK Kyle is on the main card
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