What NHL is Better for XBOX 360?

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10/14/07 4:27:48PM
NHL 2K8 OR NHL 08...

Just played 08 and the gamplay is so smooth, the hits are awesome, the dekes are insane, the create a team, player, and play are all great.

Haven't play 2k8 yet...

just wondering becuz i am getting one or the other today, just want someones opinon on the games...
10/14/07 4:43:34PM
I prefer the 2k version, but ive always played the 2k versions and have only played the ea version demo, so the actual game might be alot better.
10/14/07 5:05:20PM
anyone else?
10/14/07 7:05:35PM
EA > 2K. If you like ping-pong hockey, one-timer goals constantly and hitfests then go with 2K. EA has more realistic hockey games, where you can actually set up plays and feel accomplished when you score a great goal. There is also the EA Skill Stick which takes getting used to, but is fun once you get the hang of it and the 1 on 1 dekes on NHL 08 are great and a ton of fun. But thats just my opinion, I think you should rent them both and play them for a little while and figure out which one you like best, but I prefer EA Hockey over 2K Hockey.
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