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8/28/08 2:22:29PM
the final piece to my super bowl puzzle is in place

19 games to go......

i pity every team that has to play my Cowboys this year

good luck to everyone fighting for 2nd place

8/28/08 2:26:27PM
im a huge giants fan as you can tell by av.

but im happy for adam jones that he gets another chance hopefully he takes advantage of it and doesnt mess up. but hes gonna have fun trying to cover plax because no one on that D can.
8/28/08 2:38:32PM
we'll see

but since ur a respectful G-man, i would also like to say that it sucks uminyura(spell check please) is out.....i think yall will do ok w/out him though

maybe later this year we'll do an av bet on a game or 2....

& if they both make the playoffs.....we HAVE to do one
8/28/08 2:45:27PM
Gotta love the NFL, if you can play, we'll give you 56 chances. Glad to see the Cowboys keeping their tradition up, from Hollywood Henderson to Michael Irvin to Tank Johnson and Pacman. The tradition of lawbreakers.

I imagine there a few strip clubs in Dallas that Pacman with feel comfortable, at home and can excerize his right to terrorize those places
8/28/08 3:40:05PM
man i no we cant fighter bash but zaphead just team bashed my cowboys man lol jk its all good
but yes to the giants fan sorry about osi really hes a extrodinary athlete and no matter what team hes on its no good that hes hurt with that said im so glad pakman was reinstated.

quick qestion well a coment really i heard on sprots center that strahann is comen back
8/28/08 3:49:46PM
Blah the cowboys...
8/28/08 5:18:34PM
War Cowboys!!!!!..... Were taking it this Season!!!!
8/28/08 11:43:23PM
yeah thanks guys i mean osi umenyoria is defintily a big part of that defense. we'll miss him but i think we'll do decent without him (hopefully)

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