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9/11/07 7:14:48AM
poor guy, I hope he has a good recovery This goes to show you how other sports can be more dangerous than MMA. possible paralysis? If NFL wasn't so big, I wonder if people would look down on it like they do on MMA.
9/11/07 11:01:25AM
it doesnt look good for him as far as walking again, sometimes freak injuries just happen. i feel bad for the guy and his family, hopefully the bills organization will make sure to help him through this ordeal, hes going to need a strong support system.
9/11/07 11:49:51AM
yeah thats to bad i dont wanna say this happy to anyone
9/11/07 12:00:49PM
What bothered me the most about it is that since I first heard about it yesterday it went from career-threatening to life-threatening almost overnight. And what makes it even worse was it happened on a clean play, he was just making a tackle like any other player would. Some have said it's brought back memories of Mike Utley's injury back in the 90s. Hopefully he makes it through and is somehow able to walk again or at least regain a bit of movement.
9/11/07 3:08:45PM
It sounds like he will survive but they said the chances of him walking are bleak...this shouldnt have to happen to anyone
9/11/07 6:10:28PM
Just seen on ESPN things are starting to look a little better for him. They said they lightened up his sedation and he is starting to move his legs and arms. Also they said there is a very good chance he could walk again and probably out of the hospital. Not going to be overnight but he should walk again ESPN said.
9/11/07 8:37:01PM
i just saw the same thing on yahoo, apparently hes moving so much after that kind of injury and subsequent surgery that theyre calling it a minor miracle and saying that the odds are good of him walking. i really hope this guy can return to a 100% normal life.
9/12/07 11:17:16PM
I heard he's in a much better condition cause the doctor in the hospital was experienced in spiral resturation and did some warming technique during the operation. They say he'll prob be able to walk again but his career is over. Michael Irvin is fine and he got temporarly paralyzed.
9/13/07 7:05:41AM
I heard on radio this morning that he was laughing and able to move his head again. He's still young enough that maybe he can return to the field one day, or at least be able to stand on the sidelines during a game.
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