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9/10/07 1:20:45AM
there was some great games today, what did you all think about them?
9/10/07 1:21:57AM
im glad brett got his win
9/10/07 7:05:02AM
good first week.

Randy Moss is back.

The Browns still suck.

The Chargers will be the real deal.

And two games left for Monday night
9/10/07 11:18:11AM
Transplanted Steelers fan here...

Big Ben looked like he was back in good form (although it was against the Browns)... Willie took the load well, except for the fumble had a decent game...

I do live in MN, so I watch the Vikes as well, and I was very happy with Adrian Peterson... That guy runs mean, his big fast and strong... I just wish I didn't hold my breath every time he got hit, praying that he didn't get injured...

Misc notes:

Moss had a rediculous 1st game... The Pats will be something to fear this year

Very entertaining game between the giants / cowboys on sunday night... I'm starting to warm up to Romo a little, the kid looks pretty good

Vince Young wins again... He might be a lot of things, but you can't really argue with results

All in all, I love having football back
9/10/07 12:34:26PM
yeah im so happy that football is back, UFC on sat footfall on sunday, now thats the life
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