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11/16/09 1:35:18AM
hey i'm new, found my way here when i was looking for videos. no idea where to start. i started watching UFC about a year ago, and am addicted now. I usually do really go on predicting fights so figured I should join...

Q:also is there a way to say who you want to win vs who you think will win?

Because for example I wanted Frank Mir to win the last fight with Brock Lesnar, but I predicted Brock to win and that was true....I guess when I do my picks I shouldn't choose someone just because I think they are a cool person lol.

that's the hardest part when I make predictions to my friends having to sometimes give a prediction to the fighter I'm not really rooting for but I know probably has the advantage

well I hope to figure this all out, I'm sure it will be fun :)

11/17/09 9:23:37AM
Do your research.

Seperate emotion from reality.

You'll do fine.

Welcome aboard!