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5/26/09 12:53:41AM
Hey guys, I'm new to the whole MMA world. I started to really get into it when I saw Never Back Down, since then, I've been researching the sport and wanting to start it up. The only thing, I was too lazy to get started up until recently.

I honestly had no reason to say I couldn't train, other than I was lazy. I will start off by letting you know, I weigh almost 250 lbs, stand at around 5'11 and I'm 19. That's way out of shape, and I realize that, but I'm wanting a change. I played football when I was younger, which kept me in shape, but when I got to high school, I was injured and couldn't play my freshman year. After that, I had no motivation to go back, plus, I moved to a different state, which didn't help either. I continued school here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and graduated 2008. When I graduated, I was asked to play Full Back for a semi-pro football team, which I accepted.

When I joined the team, I was in terrible shape, but with practices, I lost a little weight, and got back into the groove of things, but I was still overweight. I was with the team for a few months, during our off-season, but no one showed up for practices, only the scrimmages...Which pissed me off, but I dealt with it a little longer. After another month of the same thing, I decided to stop playing, for the lack of motivation from the rest of the team. I was asked to come back, for one last chance, so I did...But again, almost no one showed up, so I was done.

Currently I am working at a call center, which I hate, cause I'm not moving around at all, and I stare at a computer all day. I took my 8 lb barbells to work about a month ago, so I could do some kind of lifting at work while I'm taking calls. I also, just recently, started running again, for at least twenty minutes a day.

I want to start training, but I know I need to be in better shape before I start classes. I am currently trying to find a place to take classes, but I don't want to have to drive half way across town to get there.
5/26/09 1:12:13AM
5/26/09 1:30:03AM
Good to hear you're getting in shape.

Any questions you have, there's a good MMA Training section of the website for any advice.

Just for future reference, because most MMA fans you encounter will be elitist based on how long you've been a fan, , I don't think I'd reference Never Back Down as the reason you got into MMA.

It's along the same lines in most MMA fans eyes as if a music lover heard someone saying they got into music more after they heard Britney Spears.

Good luck on your picks!
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