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7/20/08 3:34:39PM
So I have been watching a lot of MMA for the past year or so now and I am really interested in the sport. It is really exciting to watch and i would love to somehow get into it. The only problem is my size. I am around 5'4 and only weigh 120 pounds. I have recently gotten into body building which has helped me put on about 20 pounds in the last 5 months. I am extremely physically active since I am in the Air Force they require that I stay at peak pysical condition. I'm wondering if my size would be a huge factor that would hold me down. Also what would be a good target weight for me to shoot for. I've been lifting to add strength and mass and will continue to do so until I meet those goals. I also haven't lost a step in the speed deparment while gaining my weight so my diet and workout are keeping me in shape while gaining the muscle. So if anybody could give me any ideas of what I could do please let me know thanks.
7/20/08 3:38:52PM
No, there are a lot of Fighters your size in the Flyweight catagory, BJ Kojima, Yamaguchi, Urushitani, and even Kid Yamamoto is your height. But if you stay with the Body Building and Get Stronger then there will be no problem.
7/20/08 6:26:42PM
I'm looking to target my weight around 150-155. So do you think I should begin martial arts and other MMA training while I'm still trying to get to my target weight or just focus on the weight and then start the other training? Again I would like to say that I'm very new to all of this kind of stuff and don't know much. Thanks for the help.
7/21/08 10:50:35PM
You should check out the training forum of the Playground, there are some excellent people who will answer any question you have about getting started or how to train etc.
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