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6/13/10 1:23:41PM
Newcomer here from Montreal, QC, Canada. My real name is Peterson. When UFC 1 came out on VHS, I rented that tape, but I didn't really follow the sport after that. I'm a lifelong pro wrestling fan. I was always aware of UFC's existence, but it wasn't really shown on TV in Montreal. A few years ago, one of my younger brothers talked to me about Mirko Cro Cop and Fedor Emelianenko. I watched a few Cro Cop highlights on YouTube, but I didn't really know how to follow the sport of MMA beyond that. I became more interested with the success of GSP, but once I got cable TV, I didn't even know that the UFC could be watched on Spike TV. It's only a few months ago that I stumbled on UFC Unleashed on Spike. My 1st PPV experience was UFC 112, and I only caught the 2nd half of it at La Cage Aux Sports (a local sports restaurant and bar). Despite the Anderson Silva vs Maia main event, I was glad I was there to witness Frankie Edgar upset BJ Penn for the title. I've watched every UFC ppv since then, and I searched online for all fights from Fedor Emelianenko, Mauricio Shogun Rua, Anderson Silva, GSP, BJ Penn and Jose Aldo. I know that long time wrestling fans are often ridiculed for believing that Brock Lesnar would destroy Fedor. But after watching a few Fedor fights, I don't even see how Brock stands a chance !!! So after watching UFC 115 last night, I decided to join this forum. As a newbie, I will certainly not consider myself an expert at predictions. More often than not, I will probably go with whoever is the favorite to win a fight. My only exception is the upcoming Lesnar vs Carwin fight. I think Carwin will knock out Brock Lesnar, but I could be wrong.
6/13/10 1:32:00PM
welcome peterson, i think youll have a lot of fun with the game as a new fan.
6/13/10 1:43:38PM
Yeah I'm sure I will. As a new fan, I find that I'm relatively easy to satisfy. I've noticed on some message boards or on YouTube, people are basically shredding Dana White to pieces, saying that he sucks, that UFC cards suck lately. Meanwhile I'm watching this and I'm having a blast every time. Last night, Rich Franklin 1 round KO of Chuck Liddell was absolutely spectacular and I had a great time watching the whole PPV.
6/13/10 2:08:50PM
A lot of us are real critical because we can afford it from behind our computers.
6/13/10 2:27:55PM
This sport is totally unpredictable and that's absolutely fantastic !!! I don't even bother making predictions because I'm a newbie. Just logged in today for the 1st time as a matter of fact. I thought Pat Barry was gonna win by KO with leg kicks or head kicks and I was completely wrong.I love the unpredictability. After a while, once I'm familiar with MMA in general and not just the biggest names, I might start making predictions. I'll keep a record of my predictions for at least an entire year before I would even consider betting real money on it. I want to enjoy this sport. I don't want to be upset at myself for losing money because my picks lost.
6/13/10 5:57:11PM
Believe me, the unpredictability can bite you in the ass sometimes. I like to consider myself well versed in MMA, but sometimes you can't win em all.

Welcome man, I'm sure you'll like it here.
6/13/10 9:02:06PM
The sport is so unpredictable that Caesarrrr got KO'ed by Rampage twice...in a dream. And Rampage was his friend, it just goes to show you that anything can happen when two warriors strap on the gloves.
6/13/10 11:05:57PM
hahaha thanks for remembering that blue skies. I still don't know why I posted that dream....oh well, I'm back in the gym, focusing on striking more than ever! No more KO's for rampage. Despite the fact that i'm a featherweight.
6/13/10 11:18:37PM
I just wanted to illustrate that anything could happen when two fighters collide. I beat Machida in my dream. I'm confident that if you're given a rubber match, you'll pull through.
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