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8/21/08 6:56:16PM
Well, I am a new member at this website but I have been a fan of MMA for about five years. My real name is Anthony and I'm twenty-five years old. I decided to register because this place seems competitive, and it should be fun because of the point system. I am going to play conservative at first. I don't want to lose all my points faster than Fedor submitting Tim Silvia. But, ... I have a good amount of knowledge about MMA and I'm somewhat confident that I'll do alright.

I just wanted to introduce myself. If I have any questions, I'll read the rules and the threads that are posted for new members. I won't waste anybody's time with that stuff when the anwers are right in front of me.

8/21/08 6:58:26PM
No worries about questions, If you got em' ask em'. everyone else does, that's why this place is so great, you'll always get a friendly and helpful answer. anyways welcome the the playground
8/21/08 7:09:58PM
Welcome, this site is awesome. Lots of band chicks
8/21/08 10:06:33PM
Great to have you
8/22/08 4:43:17PM
8/23/08 4:44:37AM
Thanks, guys!
8/23/08 8:01:51AM
Welcome to the Playground
8/25/08 9:43:04AM
Welcome to your new addiction, bro!
9/22/08 3:58:15PM
My record is 8 wins and 11 losses. I'm doing pretty poorly. I suck!
10/4/08 3:07:45PM
You'll get better with each season. Your knowledge of MMA will grow exponentially. My first season wasn't that great, either
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