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6/13/08 8:13:33PM
everyone im from sc. im looking to join as a first timer. i wrestled in high school. im a tid bit out of shape over the years since ive been out of high school. but i am working back on that now as we speak. i know this aint gonna happen over night. but i do have a strive to at least fight one time in my life. ! no previous fighting records..
6/13/08 8:17:30PM
woah! another guy from sc. where in sc do you live?
6/13/08 9:55:23PM
i live in rock hill sc. i have no boxing experience. i am pretty well on greco roman
6/14/08 12:19:41AM
welcome, that greco-roman is very good stick with it
6/14/08 1:03:03AM
It's easier for a wrestler to learn boxing than it is for a boxer to learn to wrestle. You have a good jump on it.
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