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11/20/07 1:50:49PM to the site not the sport, looking forward to picking fights here as well.

my names nate and i'm from los angeles, california.

peace everyone.
11/20/07 2:17:27PM
What's up, Nate!

I'm not sure if you'd be interested or not, but I'm currently recruiting other newbies to join Team Hillgrass Bluebilly. If you're not interested, that's cool. I just thought I'd extend the offer!
11/20/07 2:47:37PM
cool man, thank you for the invite.

i am currently on a team over at MMA Weekly and i'm not sure whether it's going to carry over here or not. if it doens't i'll contact you via pm.

11/20/07 3:46:36PM
You're welcome, bro.
12/12/07 1:34:30PM
You're also welcome to join my team, i plan to get people who are new to the site but not to the sport so pm me.

(you can check my rankings if you want to see my opinions on fighters, etc.)
12/12/07 1:51:43PM
Welcome, here is your complimentary t-shirt

If ur looking for a Camp, join Team Sure Shot, im a noob aswell so itll be suh-weeet
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