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7/8/09 11:11:00AM
So heres the deal. Im 28 5'-10" and 240. I hate going to the gym, to me walking on a treadmill or elliptical is just plain ol boring. I thought about going to an MMA gym in my area. I went to a class to "try it out" hard work and I was sore for 2 days after but I really liked it. Heres my problem... watching the other guys in the gym I felt really intimidated about starting up. The main reason to go would be to lose weight and have fun doing it. Could anyone give their 2 cents on how you felt when you 1st started and if im just being a blazing idiot. Thanks everyone
7/8/09 11:42:51AM
I think nearly everyone feels that way when they first start training, to be honest. I think that training is going to motivate you more than any other way to get into shape, and trust me when I say that your teammates would love to see that happen for you as well. I think you would find that people would really support you coming in if you were to tell them why you're there and then showed that you were dedicated towards that goal.
7/8/09 11:43:29AM
after each of my knee surgeries i gained a ton of weight and getting back into the gym was intimidating for me too. the best thing i can tell you is that once i put my nose to the grindstone and started up again i got over my anxiety when i saw how much better i looked and felt. its hard at first(especially when you know the guys there and they harass you constantly for getting fatter), but once you get in there and are able to get past that anxiety(and soreness) you will notice the changes in you, and so will others and them just mentioning to you that you look better really helps and keeps you motivated. getting past the initial fear is all on you, but remember that youre doing this for you, not anyone else, and that will hopefully keep you going strong. just remember you arent the only one out there that wants to go to lose weight, a good example of someone famous is kevin james. im sure others at that gym went for the same reason, and its a good idea to let your instructor know straight away that thats what youre trying to do. he is there to help you, so let him know your agenda and he will be able to do more for you than if you dont say anything. keep your head up, stick with it, and work hard, you will be very happy with the results. good luck man!
7/10/09 9:36:51PM
In my experience I have made this observation,

There are all sorts of physical types at any martial arts place. You have the people that can and will do anything. You have the guys that can't do much and you have the guys that wont do much. Then there are people in between.

The guys that can't do much are generally rare. However, the guys that refuse to do much are quite common. Just make sure you are not one of those guys. If you train and try hard and improve (even if it is a slow improvement) your efforts will be appreciated and you will be accepted in the group.

A recent example is that I went to do a Muay Thai class at Adrenaline MMA (the place that Stout, Hominik and Horodeck train). I am in great shape, but I have never done a MT class once in my life. Now during that class there were a couple guys that outright refused to do some of the drills. I know they had been there for some time because the instructor knew their names. Eventually they were ignored. Then there was me. I did every drill that was asked and kept up with the rest of the class. The instructor even came up and complimented me. So you see, work ethic pays off and laziness just builds indifference from your peers and instructor.

If you join, work hard and you'll be fine, regardless of your skill level. If you have no intention on working hard and not complaining, I would recommend not to join.
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