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4/21/11 2:19:28PM
The new guy... My name is Mike Schatz. From Oklahoma. I have 10 pro mma fights. Im fightng May 7 for Bellator..Oklahoma has some good fighters, check us out on MTV2
4/21/11 2:21:02PM
Welcome, Mike.
4/21/11 4:48:53PM
Welcome to the Playground bro....whoop his ass!!!!!
4/21/11 5:23:53PM
Welcome, Mike. They don't seem to have you on the Bellator schedule. All I see scheduled for May 7th is Jay Hieron and Rick Hawn.
4/21/11 8:51:31PM
I know, I was looking today.. I dropped a title fight offer to take the Bellator fight. They dont have this weekends event fully listed either
4/23/11 1:17:57AM
i really like the bellator cards. im a little worried about their viewing numbers but the fighter always put on a hell of a show. good luck
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